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µTorrent 3.0

µTorrent 3.0 is a natural evolution of the classic “tiny-but-mighty” vision. While the interface has been polished and the overall size remains smaller than your average Facebook pic, µTorrent is now packed with some insanely powerful new features.
Find : Search for torrents or browse artist-sponsored content, directly from your software interface.
Get : Download torrents and manage your files in the torrent manager.
Play : It's better than ever with buttons for Play and Stream right where you can see them.
NEW Features : Streaming: Watch videos within seconds with progressive downloads no need to wait. Especially great for previewing a file before committing to the full download.
Remote Access : Start, stop, and monitor torrent downloads on the go. Access your client from any Web browser, or download our Android app.
Ratings and Comments : Leverages the collective wisdom of the community to ensure the quality and security of downloaded torrents.
Drag and Drop Sending : Easily send massive personal files e.g. home movies, cell phone videos and hi-res photos. Select a file on your computer, drag it into the µTorrent “Drop files to send” box and a Web link is yours to share.
Feature Hiding : Minimizing parts of the µT interface with a click.
Portable Mode : Run your µTorrent client directly from a USB key and take it with you anywhere.
Stability etc : µTorrent 3.0 also offers under-the-hood improvements including a focus on stability as well as improved Web seeding to add speed and reliability to the process of finding the original source of a single-source file.

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BitTorrent 7.2.1

About this Software
Discovery : BitTorrent makes it easy to connect with cutting-edge indie artists. Check out the App Studio first and download movies, music and more.
Speedy : Fast downloads...that's the goal, right? BitTorrent is a light client that doesn't hog system resources, so it cruises right along.
Simple : In a word, it's intuitive. And just wait, our new client (coming soon), is even easier. It's discover, download and play cool stuff.
Advanced : BitTorrent leverages µTP, the latest BitTorrent protocol. BitTorrent maximizes the use of network bandwidth while reducing congestion & it doesn't interfere with your other surfing. Make VoIP calls, use Skype, play games, stream video etc.
Reliable : And, since BitTorrent's developers manage the open source protocol, you always have access to the latest and greatest technologies.
Plug-n-Play : BitTorrent is a snap to install and set-up on your home network. We use the industry standard UPnP and NAT-PMP networking technologies to prepare your router for torrent access.

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File and Folder Protector 3.53

File and Folder Protector does exactly what the software title suggests. Once installed it becomes in charge with protecting the files and folders stored on the system. The protection happens at the Windows kernel level and the tool uses password-based security. You can use it to secure files and folders and to hide files and folders from searching. Unauthorized users can’t access sensitive data without a password match in the dialog box. File & Folder Protector does not modify your media: in protecting your files or folders, it just uses a high-reliability VXD driver working at Windows kernel level. This guarantees that File & Folder Protector will never lose your data, as may happen if you use other file- and folder-protecting software. Due to unique technology, the program also lets you protect system files and folders such as the Windows System, Registry and Swap files.

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Disk Drive Security 3.64

Hide and lock your local, network, Floppy and USB drives as well as disable the AutoRun feature for specific drive types with this password-protected security utility. Fabulously designed, Disk Drive Security offers you both a great functionality and simplicity in a very elegant manner. The main window of the program groups the main settings by drives, and shows you all possible drive letters. If you do not want the removable media to appear and be accessible in My Computer after it is inserted, just hide and lock all the drive letters you do not normally use. Disk Drive Security can also be used to protect your local drives. For example, by hiding your system drive you can prevent your users from vandalizing your system files and saving garbage to it. The AutoRun feature can be disabled for specific drives or drive types. If you disable the AutoRun feature for drive types, you can, for example, disable the AutoRun feature for all USB drives, for all CD/DVD drives, for all RAM disks or for all removable HDD drives. A password protection can be applied to the program to prevent your users form changing the security settings you enforce.

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