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ASUS WebStorage

A handy backup solution for your important files
ASUS WebStorage automatically backs up all files with just one time initial setting. You will be able to retrieve your important files anytime after logging in.
With ASUS WebStorage “MySyncFolder,” you can access and modify your latest saved files anytime from any computers or mobile phones.
ASUS WebStorage Could provides you service beyond online storage. With the advanced Cloud technologies, you will be able to interchange your files between your computers and mobile phone anytime.
To maximize the enjoyment, ASUS WebStorage offers real-time sharing and editing with your friends without the traditional communication barrier from Email or FTP.
Get ASUS WebStorage and give it a try to see how useful it can be for backing up your documents!
Here are some key features of "ASUS WebStorage":
Automatic data backup:
· Any modified folders or files will be automatically backed up, keeping your irreplaceable files up-to-date.
Version Control:
· We keep up the newest version of each file that you have backed up and giving you option to restore file to an older version when desired.
AES Data Encryption:
· ASUS WebStorage uses world class encryption method that adopted by United States government. Your files are in full protection when uploading and downloading.
Online Live Virus Scan:
· State of the art online virus scan prevents you from sharing the infected files, which helps minimize the any further spread of the virus.
Various File Support:
· “MySyncFolder” supports all types of file format and keeps your files at latest version on all your online devices.
Favorites Sync:
· Once you have checked “My Favorites” in the settings panel, ASUS WebStorage automatically syncs your favorites to all computers.
Remote File Access:
· With ASUS WebStorage web interface, you can upload, download, preview, and share all your files anytime.
Mobile Personal Music:
· Never get tired of your music. Access all your music files from your own mobile phone from ASUS WebStorage cloud.
Live Photo Snap:
· Live Photo Snap uploads the taken picture to ASUS WebStorage instantly without eat up your phone memory. Anytime viewing will be available after logged in ASUS WebStorage.
Shortened URL:
· All files stored in ASUS WebStorage are given with a shorten URL for simpler sharing. File sharing is just a click away!
File Name Search/Full-text Search:
· When using keyword to search by file name or index, it only takes seconds to find the desire file no matter how large your file pool is.
Password Protected:
· You can customize your own password to share any files to designated person only.
· 2GB per account limit

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