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IE9 Tweaker v2.0

IE9 Tweaker allow us to tweak a few settings in IE9. The Home Page Maker allows us you to customize our Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome & Opera browser Home page. This IE9 Tweaker Plus is formed by combining the Best Tweaks of two main Application i.e. Appearanace and Seurity Tweak. IE9 Tweaker Plus allows us to Tweak, Customize and Change over 27 Settings in Internet Explorer 9 all from one single window. It offers the following tweaks :
1) Appearance Tweaks like Show/Lock Menu Bar, Show/Lock Command Bar, Show/Lock Links Bar, Show/Hide Status Bar, Show large/small icons, Toggle 3D border, Use Clear Type fonts, Toggle Caret Browsing, Always start in full screen, Tweak maximum connections and downloads, Set maximum rows on New Tab page.2) Security Tweaks like Disable Internet Options, Disable Menu Bar, Disable Command Bar, Disable Links bar, Disable Favorites, Fix savings passwords issue, Disable full-screen, Disable RSS feeds pane, Disable Windows Search and web history indexing, Set InPrivate Home page, Create InPrivate Desktop Shortcut, Create InPrivate Start Menu shortcut.

IE9 Tweaker Plus also allows us to create a Custom Home Page. Its Home Page Maker module allows us to customize our Internet Explorer 9 Home Page.

Click here to Download IE9 Tweaker v2.0