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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011

AVG Anti-Virus is one of the handiest free antivirus systems available for personal users.
Despite being a free security tool, AVG Anti-Virus is as good as any paid app. It features a bunch of dedicated modules to protect you from antivirus, spyware, rootkits and spam, and also includes the so called LinkScanner – an extra layer of protection that checks search results and web links to make sure they’re safe.
One of the best things about AVG Anti-Virus is that it offers neat, effective protection while staying silently minimized in your system tray, without guzzling system resources and of course, without constantly bothering you with warning windows or update messages. Being the free version of a complete program, AVG Anti-Virus shows the odd nag screen encouraging you to buy AVG Professional, something which may annoy more sensitive users.
AVG Anti-Virus has dramatically improved with its latest version. It features a nicely designed, more user-friendly interface, and includes a desktop widget from which you can scan the system or update the virus database. Of course, you still have the same three types of scan: full system, selected files and folders and anti-rootkit. AVG Anti-Virus also lets you schedule scans for a certain day and time.
The whole AVG Anti-Virus package should be enough to ensure you're not infected with any virus. The program also integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer, allowing you to scan files from their context menus. AVG Anti-Virus's database is automatically updated on a daily basis, so you're always protected from even the most recently discovered threats.
AVG Antivirus remains a perfect security solution for the average computer user, providing a powerful weapon against viruse.

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