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Firefox 5

Firefox 5 is already here, only three months after the release of version 4. Mozilla seems to follow the same strategy as Google does with Chrome, creating different development channels to release early versions of their browser as soon as they’re available and keep the final one updated as often as possible.
The most outstanding improvement in Firefox 5 is speed. The new Firefox is noticeably faster when loading web pages and, according to Mozilla, also lighter on RAM memory. In terms of design and appearance, however, Firefox 5 doesn’t change that much from the previous version. The interface is pretty much the same as Firefox 4, with a minimalist toolbar and a big orange button on the top left corner to access the program’s menus.
Besides those visible changes, Firefox 5 also includes a few interesting enhancements under the hood: the web browser engine supports CSS animations and has also improved support for HTML 5, XHR, MathML and others. The JavaScript, memory and networking performance have also been optimized, and spell checking has been improved for some languages.
Other remarkable new features in Firefox 5 are the new option in the Privacy menu to opt out of tracking by advertising networks and other websites, and the Firefox Sync utility to backup and synchronize browser data across all your computers.
Firefox 5 features optimized support for HTML5 and CSS animations, new privacy and security options and above all, an enhanced browsing speed and management of system resources.

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