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AutoPatcher XP

AutoPatcher XP comprises an extensive set of updated security patches, add-ons and registry tweaks which ensure that your WindowsXP system is up-to-date, even if you do not always download the latest updates. It is designed to quickly patch your operating system without any user interaction, once you have chosen the program(s) you wish to install. AutoPatcherXP is an effective alternative to Microsoft's Windows Update and efficiently helps upgrade the functionalities of your WindowsXP operating system. A great update package, AutoPatcher XP can be customized to install as many updates as you wish.
AutoPatcher XP is a convenient package that contains smart upgrades and useful software tweaks. For people who are security-conscious and do not want to compromise their machines by logging on for live Microsoft Window updates, AutoPatcher XP is a smart choice indeed. For system administrators who have to upgrade multiple PCs, AutoPatcher XP is a great help as it allows configuration o one PC to be saved and redeployed on other oes. For users who want flexibility in patch deployment, AutoPatcher XP allows you to select those ‘add-ons’ that are of interest to you. Additionally, AutoPatcher suppresses all reboots till all the patches have been completely installed.
AutoPatcher XP series are released in multiple formats: the CORE format, having the most critical and recommended updates from Microsoft, and then other formats to be released on separate Add-on packs every month, making it a cumbersome wait and watch process. Moreover, some users faced compatibility issues between two releases.
Overall, AutoPatcher XP is an intelligent investment for people hard-pressed for time, and also for those who are not connected to the Internet all the time to track software updates continuously. AutoPatcher XP upgrades such necessary add-ons as Windows Media Player, Windows Live Messenger / MSN Messenger, DirectX, .Net and Windows Installer. It even includes upgrades to Microsoft Office and detects hotfixes that have been slipstreamed.

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