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Camfrog Video Chat 3.93

Camfrog Video Chat, a free chat room software, is heaven sent to you and all to live video chat enthusiasts. Exceptional video and audio clarity with many user friendly features endear it to a growing fan club across the globe. Enjoy live streaming video chat rooms where you get to see, hear, and chat with hundreds of connected, broadband users – all at once. This multi-user videoconferencing software allows you to join a chat room with up to 1000 users! Simply click a user name to begin interacting. If you want to address all chatters at one go, just press the 'talk' button. Camfrog also allows users to set up their own multi-user videoconference for other users to plug in. Camfrog Video Chat’s live photo webcam directory enables you to easily select a partner for one-to-one video chat. Easy to install, Camfrog takes approximately a minute to download on a fast ADSL internet connection. This utility is free of troublesome spyware and adware, so go ahead and install it. It’s clean and safe!
Camfrog Video Chat easily works behind most routers and firewalls. Its Unique Selling Proposition is that users can host their own video chat rooms. Other schmoozing features include popular quizzes, guitar lessons, and even deaf-specific chats. Moreover, you do not need a webcam to see and hear other connected people. You can actually IM users to get to know them better before you switch on your own webcam. If you wish to receive a fore-taste of how your video conversation would be, or if you want to give a token of the same to your interlocutor, you just have to select “preview video” in the main Camfrog Video Chat application window. With Camfrog Video Chat, adding text over local videos is so easy. All you have to do is right-click the local video window and choose "text over video”. You can even send your still webcam photos to another user by clicking the "snapshot" button in the IM window. Irked by a rude message? Just press the sad face next to where "karma" is written in the IM window. If the user has a negative karma value, his IM is suspended for the next 15 minutes. And for those who wish to watch a video behind your IM / chat windows while still chatting, Camfrog Video Chat has a see-through window option.
Privacy-wise, Camfrog tracks all of your link-clicks in the chat rooms, and redirects them to the Camfrog sever. This is not an inconvenience as such, but some may view it as violation of privacy. Camfrog also packages 'bundle ware' with the main application, and you end up installing it by accident unless you are eagle-eyed! Besides, some simple features as changing your online status or resizing your video windows (and there are only 4-5 preset sizes to choose from!) are available only to paid Camfrog Pro users.
Camfrog is a user-friendly videoconferencing program that not only allows one-to-one videoconference but also allows group conferences when connected to the Camfrog Server video chatroom. It easily allows you to view unlimited video windows, or at least as many of then as you can fit on your screen. Camfrog has thoughtfully separated adult servers from general-use servers for better parental control. As a TRUSTe Trusted Download, Camfrog is committed to protecting consumer privacy, security, and end-user control.

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