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BearFlix 1.2.1

BearFlix is amongst the most popular P2P utilities that enable e-enthusiasts to download and easily share movies, TV shows and video clips from the web. One of the friendliest P2P interfaces, it has clear, tabbed interfaces which make it easy to understand and to use, even by novices. Moreover, BearFlix has a great filtering function which allows you to narrow down your search to a specific movie file type. Its traffic progress monitor (top of the main window) tells you the amount of bandwidth currently being consumed by the application. Another of its revolutionary features is its built-in video player which allows you preview a video while it is getting downloaded, and to view it full length after it has been downloaded. BearFlix is not just one of the fastest video download applications, it is even absolutely clean! No adware / spyware / viruses / Trojans or anything … BearFlix gets installed safely and smoothly into your computer system.
Optimized for the fast download of video files, BearFlix has many advantages. To begin with, it connects to a wide panoply of sources, thus finding more files than competitor P2Ps. It also uses a unique 'deep search' mechanism for sourcing even more videos. BearFlix will only give you access to the most reliable of downloads, with auto resume function as extra guarantee. In fact, its file-rating option allows users to block spam easily. So, you can rest assured that whatever you are downloading is the real file. Besides, the software even includes its very own Auto Virus Shield and Parental Control option.
The bad news is that playback is a bit slow and shaky, and layer controls are too basic. Considering that BearFlix is supposed to be mainly dedicated to video, some multimedia conversion or compression tools would have greatly enhanced the functionality of the software. Sadly, BearFlix also lacks proxy server support and it takes up slightly more system memory than the famous Firefox.
Just enter your video search term and BearFlix immediately finds it for you. As BearFlix uses hashing to discover identical files across the P2P network, this enables file swarming without any user intervention. Files get downloaded very quickly and novice peer-to-peer users find BearFlix a great entry-level P2P program.

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