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DownThemAll! Firefox add-on 2.07

DownThemAll! is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox add-on that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser.
If you've ever wanted to download absolutely everything on a page, it's a pretty time consuming and laborious process. DownThemAll! will make it easier.
This clever download manager detects absolutely anything downloadable on a page downloads it. You select via a simple menu which things you want to download by checking the check boxes. You can see instantly which ones are pictures, videos, sound files etc by their filename extension.
You can also refine your downloads by customizable criteria to get only the type of files you really want with. What's more, DownThemAll!'s downloads are lightning quick - much quicker than Firefox's default download manager which is poor by any stretch of the imagination anyway.
DownThemAll!'s developers claim it can be up to 400% quicker and while that may be a wild estimate, there's no doubting it's very quick. Of course, it supports the resuming of downloads too so you can just leave DownThemAll! running whilst you're out or away from the computer and eventually, you'll get all the files you want.
DownThemAll! is a brilliant plug-in that should come as standard in Firefox.

Click here to Download DownThemAll! Firefox add-on 2.07